May 31, 2017

Six Summer Design Trends for Your Home

Summer brings a unique opportunity to beautify your home in fresh new ways. Here are a few trendy interior design options to herald the new season:

White, White and More White

Like summer, pure white tones feel clean, bright and crisp. This year, rather than sprinkling a few white pieces throughout your décor, consider an all-white palette in some of the rooms you frequent the most. Still, you don’t have to feel pressured to commit to an all-white living room. Instead, consider a white color scheme in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Concerned about the look being a bit too bland? The refreshing look of white-on-white doesn’t have to be boring. By using different textures throughout a space without abandoning your color palette, you can add exceptional interest to the interior design and still enjoy a light, airy, summery ambiance.


Summer is all about relaxation and leisure. You can leave behind the busy patterns of yester-season for more minimalist options. Instead of allowing patterns to dominate your summer space, choose calming designs that offer little interruption to the displayed hues. For an even more cohesive effect, stay within one color family but choose solids of different shades and textures. Be sure to focus on light tones for an ethereal feel.

Eclectic 3-D Art

Sculptures have a way of adding oomph to any design, making them perfect additions to your summer home décor. With just the right touch of whimsy, an eclectic piece of sculpture can lighten the atmosphere of a room to make your home feel like a fun summer retreat. As you choose your artful additions, consider pieces constructed of clear, white or frosted glass that easily reflect natural light.

Bohemian Chic

Little by little, mid-century furnishings are creeping back into current interior designs. For summer, these semi-modern pieces can be further updated by the addition of Bohemian accents. A bit of Boho-chic styling paired with a neutral palette in gorgeously interesting Moroccan textures offers a refreshing, trendy style that fits perfectly with the casual feel of summer and adds sophistication.

Neutrals Galore

Neutral tones have a calming, understated quality that works well with today’s summer trends. To employ neutrals while inducing a breezy aura, use warm tones, such as sand or gray, on your walls. Next, accent the space with a few brightly hued additions in organic materials and shapes. The bits of color against the neutral backdrop won’t feel overwhelming and are reminiscent of the many spectacular color schemes found in nature.

Brass Tactics

Brass has a nautical feel that seems to transcend time. For a quick nautical transformation this summer, exchange the knobs of your dressers with brass pull bars. Also, use brass accessories, such as lamps, small sculptures and brass-framed mirrors. These tiny changes can transform your home with little effort.


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