July 19, 2017

All the Fun You Need, Right in Your Own Backyard

This season’s gorgeously temperate weather leaves families longing for the great outdoors, but lounging by the pool or trekking to the beach can only last so long. Now more than ever, families are looking for new ways to keep activities fun and simple while still enjoying the comfort of their own home space. Bringing excitement to the backyard is a fabulous way to appreciate quality family time while also avoiding the busy hustle of summer season.

An All American Favorite

Who says tag and soccer are the only games fit for your backyard space? Getting creative with your larger grass area yields the opportunity for even more family inclusive games. Croquet is a unique and easy-to-set-up option, with sets ranging from the all american classics, to more imaginative ideas like kick ball hula hoop croquet. The game is great for any number of players at all ages, whether it’s post family Sunday night dinner or an outdoor summer bash. Moreover, the simple setup is painless to set up and completely weatherproof, leaving time for stress free fun and low maintenance clean up. 

Take it Outside

The park isn’t the only place for picnics. With a kitchen and dining table located right through the backyard doors, it can be difficult to swap chairs for criss cross apple style dinners. But check out this gorgeous backyard picnic, complete with blankets and pillows for comfortable seating. The event can be as simple as throwing down some old blankets and ordering in, or as invested as developing a theme for decor and food. Regardless, turning your backyard into a summertime oasis is a beautiful way to rethink outdoor space and build memories throughout the home. Ditching formal dining for fun in the sun will be a fan favorite for kiddos, who can run around and eat dinner tangentially, and equally as fun for parents. Moving dinner to the backyard means you can relax and play with family all at the same time. The photos will be amazing, too! 

Par for the Course

Shrink down the stuffy 18 hole golf course and avoid the busy bustle of the local mini golf park with your own mini golf course.  Using the backyard as its own obstacle course, the outdoor space can be creatively transformed without ever having to leave the house. Kids can get inspired with themes and unique ideas– designing everything from the structure and engineering to rules and teams. This activity is a great way to literally build traditions into your home and family. You will never forget the summers spent enjoying each others company in the comfort of your own home.


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