April 7, 2017

Host an Oscar-Worthy Home Movie Night

Home movie nights are a fun and personal way to bond with friends and family, but what makes home movie nights truly memorable? Having delicious snacks is a good start, followed by excellent movie options and a plethora of seating choices. With a little planning and effort, you can impress your loved ones by hosting an unforgettable movie night in your own home.

Begin with Movie Options

You have your invite list together – now it’s time to review your movie options. Home movie nights can be based around a themed classic that’s sure to be a winner, or even a highly-anticipated new release. Another fun idea is to present multiple movie selections at the event where people can even vote on what to watch, or having a theme based movie night, making it more interactive for your guests.

When it is time to make the movie list, head online to your preferred movie rating website to scan the new releases and top rated titles. Don’t restrict yourself to what’s on a streaming service or at the DVD rental box. Keep your guests in mind as you collect your movies; what would they like to watch? Alternatively, what movies would you want them to see? Think of your favorites and make it personal!

Select the Right Snacks

You can’t have a home movie night without a selection of snacks and drinks. While it may be tempting to simply dive into the snack aisle at the grocery story, consider adding a theme to your snacks that tie directly to your choice feature film. For example, if you’re watching “The Three Amigos”, have a taco bar and piñata candies. Your guests will love that you went the extra mile to tie everything together!

When it comes to beverages, try to offer a wide selection for your guests ranging from water to juice and soda and possibly alcoholic beverages (if you so choose).

Provide Seating Options

If you are hosting home movie night, then having a home with a floor plan that offers bonus rooms and loft space is ideal. These rooms can easily be transformed into your own home theater space and allows for a more intimate and private setting. You can decorate the room with fun furniture like bean bags and cozy couches and chairs so your guests have some options to lounge. Creating a comfortable, open space will make the event memorable and the go-to movie night home!

Create a Memorable Event

By following all of the above tips, you will have such a successful event that people will start asking if they can attend. You can host a friends and family movie night at home once per week as a valid excuse to meet up and enjoy each other’s company.


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