September 28, 2017

A Day in the Life of Wallis Ranch Lifestyle Director, Courtney Hobbs

For Wallis Ranch Lifestyle Director Courtney Hobbs, no two days are the same. Since joining our team five months ago, Courtney has elevated Wallis Ranch’s community programming to a whole new level, revamping the schedule to include experiences such as family game nights and cooking classes, just to name a few! We caught up with Courtney recently to find out what it takes to be a Lifestyle Director and learn all about a day in her life.

Courtney explained that on days like this past Sunday, she runs from event to event to ensure everything goes smoothly. Starting at 10 AM, Courtney juggled a Little Baker’s Class at The Kindred House, a Kid’s Yoga Session and a new Bollywood Fitness Class ‒ all within the same time frame!

While some days are hectic and crazy, Courtney wouldn’t have it any other way. Connecting with community members is her favorite part of the job. When Courtney sees homeowners picking fresh herbs from the local garden after taking a cooking class she’s coordinated, she feels that she’s succeeded in making Wallis Ranch a true neighborhood environment.

On non-event days, Courtney spends her time building relationships within the Dublin community. She explained that many residents have relocated to the area and are just learning about the surrounding city. Courtney goes out of her way to ensure that these recent transplants feel welcomed and at home in their new neighborhood.

With over a decade of event planning experience, Courtney always tries to utilize local vendors for her events, introducing residents with restaurants and businesses that they might not otherwise have known. She strives to give homeowners a true “resort style experience,” bringing all the best from Dublin, California and beyond into the Wallis Ranch community. As Lifestyle Director, she even makes introductions between residents and local restaurants ‒ sometimes leading to a free happy hour drink or personal connection.

When talking  to Courtney, it’s easy to see that she brings an extra sparkle to her work as Lifestyle Director of Wallis Ranch. While everyday is a new adventure, her priority never waivers. She aims to bring the community together through shared experiences in order to bring back the neighborly warmth of decades past. One week that sense of community may take the form of a Wallis Ranch Community Jog, and other times it’s just being present in the neighborhood. To Courtney, every activity is another opportunity to make Wallis Ranch feel even more like home.


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