August 16, 2017

What in the World Is Wellness?

You may have noticed that the concept of ‘wellness’ has recently transcended the realm of diehard yogis and hardcore hippies and made its way into the mainstream. As a result, the buzzword is thrown around by corporate offices and Instagram celebrities alike, but often with little clarity about what the concept actually means in practice.

With so much talk about the topic, wellness experts have weighed in to explain how to achieve mental and physical synergy in everyday life. They’ve grouped wellness practices into two categories: active and passive action. Below are a few tips to find harmony by incorporating both into your routine.

Active Action

Active Action occurs when an individual actively engages in their own betterment. The most common forms of active action are physical exercises and habit-building exercises (like deciding to read more by reading 10 pages before or unwinding after work with an evening stroll instead of happy hour). Here are some other ideas for incorporating active action into your everyday life:

  • Taking fun exercise classes such as yoga and cycling
  • Starting your day with movement such as a walk
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator
  • Parking further away from the store entrance
  • Taking the dogs for a walk daily
  • Having a spontaneous dance party with your kids
  • Taking a walk during your lunch break at work
  • Cooking a healthy dinner for the family instead of ordering take-out

Wallis Ranch offers physical wellness classes that give members the chance to actively better their health through exercise. Click here for a complete calendar.

Passive Action

Passive Action, while also a conscious choice towards change, is more about what you give up than what you add to your routine to gain wellness. These are the habits you look to break in your life or activities you find cause you the most stress. The practice of meditation and mindful thinking leads the push in this sector, as this practice teaches you to diminish negative and distracting thoughts to promote positive and productive mindsets. Diminishing technology is also a major factor in passive action, especially today. A longer list includes:

  • Focusing on the quality of your breath during workouts or throughout the day
  • Attending a meditation or mindfulness class to learn how to decompress and manage your thoughts
  • Deleting social media from one of your devices, or limiting your social media use to certain times during the day
  • Turning down your screen brightness at night
  • Charging electronics in another room before going to bed

There is a lot going on in our lives — work, family, kids — the list goes on and on. Although we will never be able to completely eliminate the stress of life, research shows that it’s how we deal with stress that counts. The goal isn’t perfection, but balance. Take action by incorporating these practical tips into your routine and continue your journey towards mental and physical wellbeing.


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